Book in a Box

Experience swift book creation with Book in a Box with AI, where cutting-edge technology meets editorial finesse to deliver a finished book astonishingly fast.

As The Nonsense-Free Editor with a decade of ghostwriting experience, I offer a revolutionary service for those in need of a swift turnaround. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of GPT-4o, I craft both fiction and nonfiction works that are ready to dazzle your audience in just a few weeks.

Whether you need merchandise for an upcoming event, a compelling lead magnet for your business, or you’re an author aiming to keep up with the prolific “book a month club,” our AI-Assisted Book Creation service is your fast track to publication.

Your complete package includes:

  • Professionally formatted book files for ebook and paperback.
  • A book cover to capture attention.
  • A suite of social media images to promote your book.
  • Expert selection of Amazon categories for bestseller potential.
  • A crafted Amazon summary/back cover blurb to entice readers.

For nonfiction titles, expect meticulously verified citations and all books come with thorough fact-checking and plagiarism checks—guaranteeing an original and captivating read.

With Book in a Box, your story goes from your head to the page while you focus on what you do best—running your business. Let AI-powered ghostwriting elevate your brand and delight your readers.

A Finished Book in Days, Not Months

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