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Crafting a captivating narrative is an art, and perfecting it is our craft. At The Nonsense-Free Editors, we offer meticulous editing and ghostwriting services tailored to bring your story to the forefront. Our dedicated team works diligently to refine your manuscript, ensuring every character resonates and every plot enchants.

Editing Services

Elevate your manuscript with our Editing Services, designed to refine and perfect your book for your ideal reader. Our Developmental Editing sculpts your story, providing a full line edit and providing critical insights on plot and character development. With Line Editing/Copy Editing, we meticulously correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, alongside enhancing phrasing and dialogue.

Developmental Edit

Our Developmental Edit goes beyond the basics to thoroughly critique and enhance your manuscript’s structure. Expect an in-depth line edit, comprehensive plot and character arc analysis, and strategic advice to resolve any narrative issues, including chapter modifications for optimal flow.

Line Edit/Copy Edit

Perfect your manuscript with our Line Edit/Copy Edit service, which hones in on the details. We scrutinize grammar, spelling, punctuation, rephrase for impact, ensure dialogue realism, and maintain voice consistency, providing comments and questions to elevate your writing.


The final safeguard before publishing, our Proofreading service ensures your text is free from errors in punctuation and grammar, checks adherence to style guides, and conducts a thorough review for homonyms and potential plagiarism—all with a swift turnaround time for publish-ready perfection.


Transform your manuscript into a professionally formatted book with our Formatting service. Tailored to both paperback and eBook requirements, we handle layout customization, image placement, and the inclusion of all necessary front and back matter to meet industry standards.


I appreciate Kristin’s honesty in her critique. She is extremely thorough with clear guidance and recommendations along the way. She also provided her reasoning behind her suggestions as well as commentary throughout the manuscript which I loved. In addition to all that, her communication was fantastic and she was ON TIME! Thank you


The experience was exceptionally prompt and remarkably precise, reflecting a commendable level of professionalism that left a lasting, favorable impression on our collaboration. I eagerly anticipate the chance to work alongside Kristin once more in the near future. Great job!!


The review, notes, and recommendations I received are thorough, thoughtful, and laced with constructive criticism right where I need it the most. This is the critique I spent six months looking for, and I'm so glad I found it. Everything was delivered right on time, communication was prompt when any issues came up, and everything is professionally written. Definitely recommend!


Another fabulous edit from Kristin. Her delivery of edits are so great, to the point, clear and leave you dying to tuck in and make those changes. Love working with her!


wow ... I have had a number of developmental edits, and Kristin by far knocks the others out of the ball park. I shouldn't be writing this, because I don't want to share her 😭


Kristin is INCREDIBLE to work with and her criticisms are worth every penny. I purchased a developmental edit and she organized my ideas/words in the way that I had imagined, but could not execute. She delivered the project early and promptly answered all my questions regarding the revision(s). Her critiques pushed me to write out of my comfort zone, but in doing so, gave the story the depth and beauty I had always dreamed. 


Ghostwriting Services

Bring your book to life with our Ghostwriting Services, where your vision meets our narrative expertise. Whether it’s gripping fiction, a transformative memoir, or a compelling nonfiction piece, we craft original work tailored to your specifications


Craft your narrative with our ghostwriting service, delivering custom-written manuscripts with no AI—just pure creative expertise. Benefit from genre guidance, expert formatting, and a publish-ready book in six months.

AI-Assisted Ghostwriting

Accelerate your book’s journey with AI-Assisted Ghostwriting. Expect a completed book in days, enriched by human editing, including cover, blurb, and essential publishing elements.

Publishing Services

Step into the world of independent publishing with ease using our comprehensive Self-Publishing Services. We guide you through every step, ensuring your book shines across digital, print, and audio formats. With a focus on maximizing visibility and profits, we support you in navigating the complexities of the publishing landscape effectively.

Amazon KDP Publishing

Leverage Amazon’s vast audience with our Amazon KDP Publishing service. We handle your eBook and print publishing, ensuring your book is market-ready with compelling keywords, categories, and blurbs, while you retain all rights and profits.

Wide Publishing Services

Maximize your book’s exposure through our Wide Publishing Services. We distribute your eBook and print editions across major retailers, enhancing your visibility and revenue opportunities. This service includes comprehensive support in keywords, categories, and effective blurbs.

Audiobook Narration

Break into the audiobook market with our Audiobook Narration service. We produce ACX-standard, high-quality audiobook files, available in various accents and suitable for any genre. Our expert narrators ensure your story is as engaging to listen to as it is to read.

Still Writing?

Still fine-tuning your manuscript? Join our online critique group and connect with fellow writers eager to share insights and feedback. It’s a supportive space where you can receive constructive criticism and encouragement to enhance your work.

I contacted Kristin for help with my debut novel. She was professional & experienced! She also has a way with adding the perfect words and phrases to elevate the prose. She’s an editor I can trust and can help make my manuscript shine!

Katy Foraker

Bestselling Paranormal Author
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