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Transform your ideas into a masterpiece with our Ghostwriting Services. Specializing in both fiction and nonfiction, we craft your narrative to resonate with readers and leave a lasting impact, offering a seamless journey from concept to publication.

Fiction Ghostwriting

Publish the novel you’ve always wanted to write with our Fiction Ghostwriting services. If time constraints have kept your story untold, we’re here to take the essence of your ideas and weave them into a book that enthralls readers from the first page to the last.

Choose our service and receive:

  • A complete, publish-ready book* crafted to meet industry standards.
  • Expert guidance on genre placement and publishing options to target the right market.

The timeline for ghostwriting can vary, but typically, I can craft 15,000 words for your manuscript every 20 calendar days. For more extensive projects, such as fantasy novels, the process can span three to six months. With my extensive experience and dedication to quality, you can trust that your book will be one to remember.

Need a quick turnaround? Let’s discuss accelerated timelines to meet your publishing goals.

*Publishing services, including formatting for ebook and paperback, are available at an additional fee.


I appreciate Kristin’s honesty in her critique. She is extremely thorough with clear guidance and recommendations along the way. She also provided her reasoning behind her suggestions as well as commentary throughout the manuscript which I loved. In addition to all that, her communication was fantastic and she was ON TIME! Thank you


The experience was exceptionally prompt and remarkably precise, reflecting a commendable level of professionalism that left a lasting, favorable impression on our collaboration. I eagerly anticipate the chance to work alongside Kristin once more in the near future. Great job!!


I think many new writers know it's hard to find someone who will tell you what you did wrong instead of only what you did right. The review, notes, and recommendations I received are thorough, thoughtful, and laced with constructive criticism right where I need it the most. This is the critique I spent six months looking for, and I'm so glad I found it. Everything was delivered right on time, communication was prompt when any issues came up, and everything is professionally written. Some of the revisions have even saved my whole potential series from the ghosts of previous drafts still haunting it. Definitely recommend!


Another fabulous edit from Chrissy. Her delivery of edits are so great, to the point, clear and leave you dying to tuck in and make those changes. Can't say enough great things about Chrissy without writing another novel. Love working with her!


wow ... I have had a number of developmental edits, and Chrissy by far knocks the others out of the ball park. I shouldn't be writing this, because I don't want to share her 😭


Chrissy has been very helpful and very responsive to my questions. I am a first time writer and was was in need of help and direction. Highly recommend Chrissy to anyone looking for help with their book. Thank you so much.


The developmental edit addressed larger issues I had overlooked. Chrissy also restructured the beginning chapters to where they flowed better. Communication was excellent. No complaints.


Chrissylee did a great job editing and providing useful feedback. Super easy to work with! I highly recommend her.


The seller gave a very honest review of my work, breaking down in detail what she thought worked and didn't, making sure to give explanations about why something didn't flow right and how it could be better. The advice she gave looks like it will improve my writing quite a bit - couldn't ask for more! Highly recommend.


Chrissylee is INCREDIBLE to work with and her criticisms are worth every penny. I purchased a developmental edit and she organized my ideas/words in the way that I had imagined, but could not execute. She delivered the project early and promptly answered all my questions regarding the revision(s). Her critiques pushed me to write out of my comfort zone, but in doing so, gave the story the depth and beauty I had always dreamed. She was quick in her response times and generously answered any random question I had (which were many, lol, sorry, I'm a new writer). I 100% recommend and will utilize her skills in the (hopefully near) future!


Thank you Chrissy for the hard work in editing my fantasy novel!! Your changes have taken The Night Streamer to new heights 🙂


Christine is an absolute joy to work with. She has helped me turn my rough draft into a solid manuscript and I will DEFINITELY keep using her services for future books.


Appreciate the ahead of schedule delivery, great editor!


Delivered quality edits well ahead of schedule.


Very professional.


Great work. Steered my manuscript in the right direction. 🙂


Chrissy is fantastic! I'll definitely be using her again for future revisions.


Chrissy was very quick and clear in her communication and her work is incredibly thorough. I'll definitely be hiring her again in the future!


Very intelligent and diligent work


Nonfiction Ghostwriting


Find a new audience for your expertise and bring your insights to the forefront with our Nonfiction Ghostwriting services. Whether you aim to establish thought leadership, enhance your brand’s reach, or share a transformative message, we will craft your knowledge into a compelling narrative.

With our ghostwriting service, you receive:

  • A professionally written, publish-ready book.*
  • A persuasive summary blurb for online platforms or a tailor-made query letter for submissions.
  • In-depth guidance on publishing strategies and optimal sales channels to ensure your work gets the attention it deserves.

For each project, the writing pace can be customized, but generally, I deliver 15,000 words every 20 days. With my singular focus on your project, you avoid the pitfalls of fragmented subcontracting.

With a legacy of over 15 years in book writing and a personal commitment to each manuscript, I’ll craft your nonfiction book with the diligence it requires, conducting all necessary research to validate your narrative.

Need a quick turnaround? Let’s discuss accelerated timelines to meet your publishing goals.

*Publishing services, including formatting for ebook and paperback, are available for an additional fee.

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