Publishing Services

Navigate the publishing landscape with confidence. Our Publishing Services streamline your path to readership on platforms like Amazon and beyond, ensuring your book shines in the marketplace.

Amazon (KDP) Publishing Services

Access the biggest retailer in indie publishing with our Amazon (KDP) Publishing Services, your gateway to the forefront of the digital and print book market. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) stands as the premier choice for self-publishing authors, offering both wide reach and the possibility of exclusivity through the Kindle Unlimited program.

Choose our services for:

  • Seamless publication of your ebook, paperback, and hardback versions on Amazon, handled with professional care to meet all platform specifications.
  • A compelling summary blurb, strategic keywords, and optimal categories selected to elevate your book’s presence and enhance its journey to bestseller status.
  • Personalized guidance on publishing options and sales channels, tailored to your book’s genre and target audience.

Enhance your cover’s appeal with our access to a network of talented artists, or opt for simplicity with KDP’s cover generator, using an image you provide. If your vision requires direct artist collaboration, especially if preferring a no-AI pledge, we guide you to suitable professionals in the field.

Embark on your publishing adventure with a partner that simplifies the process and amplifies your success.

Wide (Aggregator) Publishing Services

Expand your book’s horizon beyond Amazon with our Wide (Aggregator) Publishing Services. Dive into the vast network of retailers like Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and libraries nationwide, opening doors to new readers and opportunities.

With this service, you can expect:

  • Broad distribution of your ebook, paperback, and hardback to all major retail platforms, skillfully managing the technical requirements for each vendor.
  • Development of an enticing summary blurb, targeted keywords, and categories to boost your book’s visibility and bestseller potential.
  • Expert guidance on diverse publishing options and sales channels, custom-fit to your book’s niche and audience reach.

For those in need of a standout book cover, we connect you with a network of artists to bring your vision to life. We ensure your cover meets retailer specifications and resonates with your readers, whether crafted by our recommended artists or by working directly with your chosen professional.

Venture into the expansive world of publishing with a service designed to amplify your book’s impact and accessibility.

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