Editing Services

Elevate your manuscript with our suite of editing services designed to hone, refine, and perfect your writing.

Developmental Edit

Craft the backbone of your narrative with our Developmental Editing service. Perfect for authors seeking a comprehensive analysis and enhancement of their manuscript’s structure, this service includes a full line edit, plus deep critique, constructive feedback, and expert recommendations to elevate your story’s overall impact. Expect thorough attention to plot, character development, and genre-specific phrasing while preserving your unique voice.

Rate: $0.02 per word

Line Edit

Refine your manuscript with Line Editing, the crucial next step for authors who have crafted their story and are ready to polish the text. Our meticulous editors will fine-tune your syntax, correct grammar, and eliminate those pesky homonyms to ensure your prose flows beautifully and is publication-ready.

Price: $0.015 per word

Nonfiction Editing

Position yourself as an authority with our Nonfiction Editing service. Whether your work is literary, political, or financial, we provide in-depth editing to focus your reader’s attention on your expertise and ideas. Detailed feedback and targeted improvements, plus references and citation correction and plagiarism checks, will prepare your manuscript to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Price: $0.03 per word

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