Nonfiction (40k words) Book in a Box


Delve into the depths of your expertise with the Nonfiction Book in a Box service, an immersive 40,000-word package crafted for substantial impact. This offering is ideal for the thought leader seeking not just to inform but to connect deeply with readers through a mix of valuable content and personal narratives.

Package Includes:

  • Rapid AI-assisted book production that combines the efficiency of modern technology with the Nonsense-Free Editor’s rich ghostwriting experience.
  • A 40k word manuscript that provides ample space for detailed insights, educational content, and engaging stories to build a personal bond with your audience.
  • High-quality book formatting for both ebook and paperback, presenting your work with the professionalism it deserves.
  • A visually compelling book cover, custom-designed to encapsulate the essence of your knowledge and brand.
  • An array of social media images designed to highlight key takeaways and promote reader engagement.
  • Strategic selection of Amazon categories to enhance your book’s visibility and marketability.
  • A well-crafted Amazon blurb that effectively draws readers into your world of expertise.

Priced at $4000, this package promises a tangible, substantive book that not only delivers a wealth of knowledge but also invites readers into the author’s world, offering relatability and inspiration. The Nonfiction Book in a Box is your route to leaving a lasting mark on your readers and reinforcing your status as an authority in your domain.

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