Nonfiction (20k words) Book in a Box


Embark on a journey to inspire and guide with our Self-Help Book in a Box. This 20,000-word nonfiction package is the quintessential choice for delivering impactful content that’s direct, engaging, and devoid of unnecessary fluff. Perfect for readers seeking enlightenment or motivation, your book will be the catalyst for action, potentially consumed in a single, life-changing session.

Package Includes:

  • Rapid creation with AI technology, blending the best of artificial intelligence with The Nonsense-Free Editor’s decade of ghostwriting expertise.
  • A concise, compelling read at 20k words, expertly crafted to inform, entertain, and provoke thought, driving your readers towards positive action.
  • Professionally formatted book files, ensuring your work is presented in the highest quality for both ebook and paperback.
  • A striking, custom-designed book cover that demands attention and reflects the transformative content within.
  • A collection of social media images tailored to engage your audience and amplify your book’s presence online.
  • Carefully chosen Amazon categories to position your book for bestseller status.
  • An enticing Amazon summary/back cover blurb, written to captivate potential readers and encourage purchases.

At $2000, this package is an investment in your message and your brand, providing you with a comprehensive, market-ready book crafted promptly and proficiently. With Book in a Box with AI, turn your expertise into an accessible and actionable resource that resonates with readers and establishes you as a thought leader in your field.

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