Welcome to The Nonsense-Free Editor, a dedicated brand under Shockley Press LLC. The terms and conditions set forth below govern your engagement with NFE and the use of our services.

1. Acceptance of Terms:
By contracting with NFE, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.

2. Electronic Documents and Copyright:
We operate electronically via email, and you maintain copyright and ownership over all submitted and created content.

3. Services for Hire:
NFE provides ghostwriting as a paid service; clients retain all intellectual property rights and future profits from the work produced.

4. Copyright and Liability:
The responsibility for copyright compliance rests solely with you; NFE will not be liable for any infringement within your content.

5. Quality and Revisions:
While NFE aims for excellence, we do not guarantee error-free delivery but offer two revisions per milestone based on your initial instructions. Our liability does not extend to indirect damages, including but not limited to loss of revenue or reputational damage.

6. Revision Window:
Any requests for revisions should be made within 10 days of document receipt.

7. Indemnification:
You agree to indemnify NFE against any claims or legal fees arising from your use of our services or any rights infringement.

8. Cancellation and Refunds:
Services may be canceled via email; however, deposits are non-refundable, and work performed prior to cancellation will be charged.

9. Dispute Resolution:
For any concerns with our services, a written request for review and possible re-edit/re-writing must be submitted via email, detailing the specific issues to be addressed.

10. Service Descriptions:
Our website outlines general service guidelines; each client’s unique instructions will tailor the specific services rendered. NFE is committed to transparent and honest service descriptions.

We appreciate your trust in The Nonsense-Free Editor and look forward to supporting your writing journey. Thank you for your collaboration!

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