Microsoft Word Templates for Academic & Creative  Works

Doing the hard work of writing is difficult enough. But for some writers, there's a whole other obstacle to overcome: Formatting. 

Whether you're a novelist or a grad student, I've created three templates to help you create the final product of all your hard work. 

Students: Use the Dissertation template for any assignment that asks you to use APA 7th edition. You will find a style library prepopulated with properly formatted APA levels. You won't have to guess as to how or whether to indent your headers. Coding the headers using the style library will also auto-populate the Table of Contents. (After you've finished your work, click in the TOC and hit F7).

Authors: Whether writing a self-help book or a high-fantasy novel, the ebook and paperback templates will present your writing in its final, most professional form. With chapter titles, margins, and text already in place, all you will need to do is copy your existing work and copy it (as plain text) into the template. (Highlight and right click OR highlight and hit ctrl+shift+V).

Templates for Fiction & Nonfiction


Dissertation Template


Ebook Template


Paperback Template


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